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Any sort of back pain is the worst thing for many people. Back pain can be as a result of many problems. We all have or will experience back pain at least once in this life. Your back is a very complicated part. Your body can naturally heal itself and get rid of the back pain. This is however not the case if your back pain is as a result of certain spinal issues. This type of spinal problems can be treated with the help of qualified medical staff. Here is how to treat the complex causes of back pain.
One of the causes of back pain has to be a herniated disc. The discs on your back are always in between the joints in your back. What is inside these discs are soft tissues. The discs are there to cushion the joints that make up the spine. A disc can move out of place. This, therefore, leads to what is called a slipped disc. The pressure on your nerves from being pressed by the disc brings about the pain. A physiotherapist can help you deal with the slipped disc and the pain that comes from it. You can utilize heat/ice therapy to relieve the pain from the slipped disc as you wait to get a physical therapist.
Degenerative disc disease can equally bring you back pain. This is a disease that makes your disc shrink when you are ageing. This will, therefore, allow the bones on your back to get into contact with each other. This can be immensely painful to the point where you can not walk or move. It however possible to treat this pain. The best one has to be spinal decompression therapy. Spinal decompression therapy entails gentle stretching of the spine. This will help relieve any pressure on your vertebrae. This will make it possible for your disc to re-position itself. Your disc’s height can equally be restored through spinal decompression therapy. Your spinal decompression therapy should be conducted by a qualified therapist. This is because the spine is a delicate place and requires the best of the best.
Another major cause of back pain is spinal stenosis. This is the narrowing of your spinal canal. It is a common occurrence when you are above 60 years of age. This issue leads to your nerves feeling a lot of pressure. This pressure on the nerves leads to you experiencing a lot of pain. You can easily deal with this pain but not the spinal stenosis. This is by using anti-inflammatory medication.

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