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Facebook’s New Messaging App to Fight Vulnerability

Facebook HQ - Facebook's New Messaging App to Fight Vulnerability

As always, Facebook takes one steps ahead to fight with vulnerability. This time to protect teenagers from vulnerability with their new Messaging app.

You heard it right! Facebook will be coming with a new Messaging app for teenagers to protect them from the vulnerability risks in social networking. This rumored news was published by The Information site.

According to The Information, The name of the app is ‘Talk’. And the source code of Facebook is used to build this app.




What is ‘Talk’?

The Talk will be a messaging app which is being built by the Facebook Inc. The aim of this app is to protect teenagers from vulnerability. It has some age restriction policy also. The restricted age is not defined but I assume that only 13-16 years old teens can use the app.

The Teens have to Create a Facebook Profile for using this app but the profile will not be publicly searchable. The app will also have some privacy controls, it is being said that even parents will also be able to control those profiles. They can look at what their child is doing on it.

The app will also have family-oriented tool and games. It has some creative tools which, the teens would like to play. Moreover, They can also easily share their creativity with their friends and families.

This app will be slightly different from the Facebook’s Messenger app. Facebook Inc. has analyzed the restrictions the parents want to provide their children due to vulnerability. And the app will be fully based on that analysis.

The privacy control features are one of them. Now there will be a safe social app to use for the teenagers very soon.

The app is very useful for those teenagers who are interested in using social platforms but are afraid of the vulnerability involved in using them.

The app is a little bit similar to  SnapChat but in my opinion, the Talk may play a better role in supporting Facebook, from the parent’s restricting their child not to use it.

However, I don’t think that most of the teenagers will be satisfied with its restrictions and parental control.

Let’s see whatever happens, but personally, I am very excited to experience it. No doubt, I am eagerly waiting for the release of this app. Hope it will release real soon.

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