MIUI 9 for All Xiaomi Redmi Devices – Complete Overview [Hindi Video]

Bishnu Mahali

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4 Responses

  1. Bikashjit says:

    My Security internal app icon is not showing what to do help. And Mi Video icon too.. I don’t know how it disappeared.
    Pls help no solution in internet.

    • Hi,
      It may have been happened because of not being able to clear chache while updating your device.

      The next update of the respective app or ROM may also so the problem.

      It’s a new problem, or bug. I’ll ask the MIUI Developers too about it.
      Let’s see what they say!

      Try clearing cahce and restart your device. If it doesn’t work. It probably happened because of dalwik cache, which is important to clear before updating device.

      It’s done automatically when you try to update your MIUI using the Updater app or Mi Recovery app.

      But it seems like it didn’t go well while updating your device.

  2. Bikashjit says:

    Its latest miui Global (MXDMIFA)

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