The Complete Review of MIUI Screen Recorder – by IT ADDA

MIUI Introduced its own Screen Recorder, and this feature worth your attention!

MIUI Screen Recorder
A few days back MIUI came up with its own Screen Recorder app with its latest Global Developer ROM Update.
It was already available in the China ROM, and now it will be available soon for every MIUI Users with its upcoming MIUI Global Stable ROM Update.
If you are not up to date with the MIUI then may want to know What’s new in the Latest Update of MIUI?
MIUI Screen Recorder Icon - Screenshot
I know there are so many Screen Recorders already available on the Play Store.
Therefore, the question is why you should use this one? On the other hand, how it is different?

So let me show you people, ” My complete review of MIUI Screen Recorder app“.
As I already told you, I know so many Screen Recording apps and all of them comes with great features and options. Like, AZ Screen Recorder, SCR Pro etc. 
Moreover, if you are one of them who are already using those apps, you may be looking for so many options like they gives you. In this point, you will get disappointed.
Here is how the App Interface looks like, in screenshot below:
App Interface of MIUI Screen Recorder - Screenshot
Here is how it looks like when you click on the Recording Button:
MIUI Screen Recorder Start Button - Screenshot
After clicking the “Start” button above, MIUI Screen Recorder will start recording the screen of your phone and it will look like the screenshot below:
MIUI Screen Recorder - Recording Progress
There will be an Stop Icon and Timer which will show you the Recording Progress but it won’t be recorded or shown on the output video.
To STOP the recording process you just need to click on the “Stop” button as shown on the screenshot above.
Now let’s check out the Features and Options of the MIUI Screen Recorder app….
If you take a look at the Settings screen of the MIUI Screen Recorder than you will get the idea of the features and options that it provides. Now let me show that in the screenshot below:
MIUI Screen Recorder - Settings Screen

Here are the Highlights of the Features of MIUI Screen Recorder app:

  • No Root Required
You don’t need to Root your phone to use this app. Earlier if you wish to record the screen your phone than Root permissions were required.
AZ Screen Recorder and SCR Pro also works without Root but if you wish to record internal sounds also than you will need to root your phone unless you are using MIUI.
MIUI Screen Recorder also records Internal Sounds without Rooting your phone.
  • 2 Resolutions to choose from
MIUI%2BScreen%2BRecorder%2BResolutions%2B %2BScreenshot - The Complete Review of MIUI Screen Recorder - by IT ADDA
You can choose between to Resolution options for recording the video. You can record the screen of your phone in two Video Resolutions which are 1280*720 and 800*480

  • 4 Video Qualities to choose from
MIUI%2BScreen%2BRecorder%2BVideo%2BQualities%2B %2BScreenshot - The Complete Review of MIUI Screen Recorder - by IT ADDA
There are 4 Video Quality options to choose from. However the higher the quality you will select, the higher the file size will be. There are 4 options as follows: 16Mbps, 8Mbps, 4Mbps and 1Mbps
  • 3 Frame Rate Options available
MIUI%2BScreen%2BRecorder%2BFrame%2BRate%2B %2BScreenshot - The Complete Review of MIUI Screen Recorder - by IT ADDA
You can choose from 3 Frame Rate Options which are as follows: 15fps, 24fps and 30fps

  • Show Touch Gesture & Visualize Navigation Button
MIUI%2BScreen%2BRecorder%2B %2BRecording%2BOptions - The Complete Review of MIUI Screen Recorder - by IT ADDA

With MIUI Screen Recorder you can Visualize the touch gestures using a white dot on the recorded video.
And you can also Visualize the Navigation Buttons on the video whenever it is pressed i.e., Now you can show which navigation button you just pressed on the video which are Back, Home and Menu buttons.
  • Tapping Sound
It also Records the Tapping Sound whenever you tap on the screen. It can be helpful to understand when you tapped on the screen while watching the screen recording videos.
  • Orientations
MIUI%2BScreen%2BRecorder%2BOrientations%2B %2BScreenshot - The Complete Review of MIUI Screen Recorder - by IT ADDA
You have the options to record the screen in the following orientation options: Auto, Portrait and Landscape. Is this worth to be told? There’s nothing new in it, So let’s move on…
  • Sound Source
MIUI%2BScreen%2BRecorder%2BSound%2BSources%2B %2BScreenshot - The Complete Review of MIUI Screen Recorder - by IT ADDA
Again there is nothing special to talk about it, you choose either Mic as the sound source for your video or Speaker. Or you can also record a Muted video by selecting Mute option.
So to conclude…
How it is different from others?
Well, honestly speaking, it;s not so different from others and is a limited one too.
However there are 3 plus point of this app as follows:
  1. MIUI Screen Recorder can Record Internal Sounds too without Rooting the phone.
  2. It can also Visualize the Navigation Buttons and Touch Gestures too
  3. It Records a Tap Sound whenever you tap on the screen.
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Who can use it? Moreover, for what purposes?
Mostly Developers and Tutorial Makers uses Screen Recorder apps like we do in our YouTube channel . But yet, everyone can use it as of their needs as it just records the screen of your phone.
You can also use it to record and share bugs or problems of your device.
So, yeah! Anyone can use it for any purpose.

Bottom Line:
Let us know, How you use the Screen Recorder and What you think about the MIUI Screen Recorder in the comment box below. And do spread the knowledge by sharing this article with your friends and family.
Thanks  for sharing and reading this post!

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