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An impersonator is a person who imitates the way a person behaves or talks. In this case, an Elvis impersonator would be one who copies the way the musician Elvis Presley looked and sounded. There are people who have dedicated themselves to be professional Elvis impersonators who are known as Elvis tribute artists. They work as entertainers all over the world such as Bay Area Elvis Tribute among others. There is a great demand for such entertainers all over the world due to the iconic Elvis name.

There are many types of Elvis impersonators which include; look-alikes, sound-alikes, a combination of the two, and pastiche.

For the look-alikes, they focus more on the visual elements of fashion and style in terms of the way Elvis dressed such as the accessories he used in terms of wigs, fake sideburns, costumes, and jewelry. The sound-alikes concentrate more on the voice aspects in either the singing or talking like him. A combination follows both the aspects and incorporates both of them. The combination has both the visual and aural methods.

As for the pastiche, the persons look, sound and write songs in the style similar to the way Elvis did.
Impersonation also comes in many different levels depending on who is doing the impersonation and the purpose for which they are doing it. The levels are; professional, fun or comedy and amateur.

The professional ones can be either full-time impersonators or part-time and take the job very seriously. They do it for monetary purposes and establish it as a business. It would be wise to hire professional ones as they would execute the work better than the other levels of the impersonators.

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Amateurs do it as a hobby, in gatherings or when participating in contests. Most of them are small scale and operate locally but aspire to reach the professional level.
The comedy or fun impersonators normally just do it as part of a parody to entertain people and make them laugh.

The best impersonator would be very dedicated to their work. They would carry the task with utmost seriousness and behave professionally. They would not break character and incorporate all the aspects of a good performance to their activities in order to ensure that they deliver to the audience satisfaction.

In searching for the best impersonator one needs to get recommendations from other people, look at reviews from people who have enlisted their services before, and look at the pricing of the services they offer and the localities they cover among other factors. This would ensure that you make the right choice and get the best Elvis impersonator there is.

Take your time in making this choice because it is going to show how much effort you put in to make your event successful. You will find that there are those who are really good but some of them are just to earn a few extra coins. You shouldn’t think more about the cost that the quality of the services offered. You would rather pay more for the best quality than save a few coins and be totally disappointed and embarrassed.

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