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As always, WhatsApp again came up with some cool new exciting features with its latest updates. This time they came up with some more exciting features, Like Pin Chats, Status Updates etc.

The latest updates and new features of WhatsApp are as follows:

Pin Chats

This feature is very new and many WhatsApp users still don’t know about it. This feature allows you to Pin your important chats so that you don’t miss their messages again.

I have made a video on How to use it. You can watch it below:

WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp Status Tab (New)
WhatsApp Status Tab (New)
It’s not the old status feature which is used to show Busy, At Gym etc. It’s different and it’s new.
This new WhatsApp Status feature is similar to Hike’s Status/Story feature or you can also relate it to the Facebook status (some people call it to post).

Now you can Post Photos. Videos and GIFs to your status and share them with your contacts.

That means you can share what’s going on throughout your day with your contacts in an interesting way just like the Facebook, Instagram and Hike Story.

Also, it will be very beneficial to females as they can now share their photos and videos without any fear of getting exposed to unknown persons.

It will a big relief for the girls who fear to share their photos on Social Media websites that can expose them to unknown persons.
WhatsApp Edit and Post Photo, Videos and GIFs
Status updates from your contacts will appear on Status tab and they will disappear after 24 hours.
WhatsApp Status Update Dissappears in 24 Hours
You can also Mute status updates of your unwanted contacts by long pressing on the contacts name in the Status tab to mute their status updates.
Continue reading to learn How to set your Status Updates Privacy?. It’s written and shown with screenshots below.
Privacy Control of WhatsApp Status

Quick Access to the Camera

Now you can also access your WhatsApp camera very quickly by just swiping right from the Chats tab.
Just swipe right from any chat tab and it will open up the camera for you.
WhatsApp Status Tab Camera Screen
WhatsApp Status Tab Camera Screen

Two-step Verification

WhatsApp Two-step Verification Screen
WhatsApp Two-step Verification Screen


Your WhatsApp was vulnerable if it goes in the wrong hand earlier. The good thing is that it’s no longer vulnerable with its latest update.
After so many reports and requests, WhatsApp came up with this solution, which is Two-step Verification.
If you enable Two-step Verification on your WhatsApp then it will require a passcode when someone tries to register your phone number with WhatsApp.
I recommend you to enable this Two-step Verification on your WhatsApp So that you will be more secure. To turn on the Two-step Verification on your WhatsApp follow this steps:

How to Enable Two-step Verification?

Step 1: Click on the Options (3 vertical dots on the top)
WhatsApp Screenshot denoting Options setting
Step 2: Go to Settings
WhatsApp Screenshot denoting Settings
Step 3: Click on Account
WhatsApp Screenshot denoting Account Settings
Step 4: Click on Two-step Verification
WhatsApp Screenshot denoting Two-step Verification
Step 5: Click on Enable
WhatsApp Screenshot denoting Two-step Verification Enable Button
Step 6: Enter your 6-digit Passcode. The Passcode can only have numbers. Do not forget your Passcode as it will be required whenever you will re-register your WhatsApp.
WhatsApp Screenshot - Enter Passcode Screen
Step 7: In the next screen using the same process Re-Enter your Passcode and Click Next to Confirm your passcode.
Step 8: In the next screen there will be an option to register your email id. If you don’t have an email id or you don’t want to share your email you can skip this step by clicking on “Skip“.
Otherwise, Enter your Email in the box given and click on NEXT.
WhatsApp Screenshot - Enter Email Screen
Step 9: In the next screen Re-Enter your Email and click on SAVE to confirm your Email ID.
WhatsApp Screenshot - Confirm Email Screen
Step 10: On Successful completion, you will see the screen below and you have to just click on DONE to complete the process.
WhatsApp Screenshot - Two-step Verification Enabled
After the Two-step verification is enabled. You can Disable it anytime if you want and you can also change your passcode and email address anytime by going to the Two-step verification screen as shown below in the screenshot.
WhatsApp Screenshot - Change Two-step Verification Settings
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So, that’s it for. I’ll edit this post again later and I will add the tutorial on How to set Privacy for WhatsApp Status? If you have anything to say about these new features or anything that you want to share, please leave it in the comment box below. Also, share this exciting update with your friends and families,
Thank you for reading this post!

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