February 3


WhatsApp to bring the most awaited Feature very soon, Check this out!

WhatsApp%2BFull%2BBanner - WhatsApp to bring the most awaited Feature very soon, Check this out!

WhatsApp is being used by nearly 1 billion peoples around the world everyday. And there is no doubt that you are one of them as you are reading this post.

WhatsApp is awesome but everything need to change with the time and bring consistent improvements. And WhatsApp always does that for us.

This time they are bringing the most awaited feature by the WhatsApp users including me.

I’m sure, You may also have typed wrong messages or sent the right message to the wrong peoples many times on WhatsApp.
And guess what? You can’t even edit or delete them.

What an awkward moment that is! But now its just going to be the past. WhatsApp have tweeted through @WABetaInfo that, they were working on it and now it is already available for the beta users.

Yes! Now you can now edit or delete WhatsApp messages. However according to the information you can’t edit or delete the older messages on your WhatsApp Messenger. Unfortunately they didn’t tell how much older?

Well i think it will give you access to edit or delete a message until it’s seen by the recipient. However i’m not sure about it.

iPhone users can install the latest beta version of WhatsApp to take the benefit of this feature. Windows, BlackBerry and Android users will have to wait some more time.

Don’t forget to let us know your reactions on this on the comment box below, Thank you for reading this post and also let your friends know this update by sharing this page.
Thank You!


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