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For you to enjoy the functional Whirlpool ice maker when you purchased the appliance parts from your favorite online shop you need to follow our guidelines on how to go about the process of assembling the ice maker from the appliance parts you purchased so that you can enjoy the full functionality of the ice maker.

The most efficient and effective appliance parts online shop will ensure that upon your purchase of the appliance you receive your hyper ice maker assembly kit in around 24 hours so that you go ahead and make the assembly yourself will need to continue serving you in the best way.

The process of assembly of the ice maker using the ice maker assembly kit that you purchased from an online shop will be as easy as you want it to be that is why you need to continue reading this article for you to understand comprehensively the step-by-step process you should follow when you are assembling your ice maker.

The step-by-step instructions indicated below will show you the process of installing an ice maker in a refrigerator together with the solenoid valve to help you automatically bring water into the ice maker so that you don’t have to do it manually.

So that you may kick start the process of installation of the ice maker in the refrigerator you need a few tools that will include a drill, an adjustable wrench, a flat head screwdriver, the icemaker kit you purchased, threaded brass fitting and nipples together with the isolation valves.

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Subsequently, you should Mount the solenoid valve which comes as the first part of your ice maker kit into the dedicated horse which is on the cabinet frame of the fridge by using the drill and 2/2 inch hexagonal head machine screws, afterward, you need to locate the connector which you will easily find that it is kept somewhere underneath the refrigerator so that you can easily insert your connector slightly over there valve solenoid terminals.

Use the provided adhesive clips to help you hold the water line in place so that you can run the waterline back and forth into the freezer and by using the screwdriver you can punch a hole into the paper cover which is found on the back of the unit.

Finally, you should mount the ice making unit 12 the freezer work using the screws so that you make sure that you line up the extension tube into the reservoir.

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